1. What is breast cancer Thermography?

Thermographies are thermal infrared images that are used to detect lesions in breasts. These Thermographies detect the heat pattern and blood glow of the different regions of the breast. Regions with warmer temperature are more likely to contain tumors than normal tissue. The infrared thermal imaging method can analyze breast cancer using dynamic Thermograms and also it can selectively optimize the contrast in areas of dense tissues in young women.

  1. What are the advantages of Thermography?

This techniques has respective substantial benefits:

  • It is less expensive than the mammography and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  • It is non-contact, non-invasive
  • It is non-radiative
  • It is a safe diagnostic procedure, in which patients feel no pain
  • This method can be used from far way
  • It is possible to simultaneously monitor a large area of the population
  • Interpretation of Thermogram’s colors is easy and fast.
  • This method only records natural radiation from the surface of the skin and there is no trace of harmful rays, so is suitable for long-term and repeating use.
  • It is a fast way to monitor and observe the dynamic changes in temperature.
  • Early detection up to 10 years before the cancer turns into a full-blown size

  1. Is it an alternative method for Mammography?

Thermography is not an alternative method for Mammography. It is less sensitive than Mammography and can sometimes find cancerous results that are not present. Mammography has also false positives and can miss cancerous cells but experts say you should not substitute it for Mammography. The combination of two methods is likely necessary for further investigation.

  1. Who should get Thermography?

For women under the age 50 and those with dense breasts.

  1. How is the procedure going?
  • Do not wear perfume or deodorants on the day of the testing
  • You will get undressed so that your body become acclimated to the temperature of the room
  • You will stand in front of the imaging system
  • The technician takes a series of 6 images ( front and side views) of your breasts
  • The timing will be about 30 minutes
  • The doctor will analyze your images and you get the result within a few days after the test
  1. What are the possible side effects?

This method is non-invasive, non-contact and non-radiative. In addition, it includes no compression of your breasts but the test has a high rate of false-positives meaning that another imaging technique is likely necessary after this procedure for further investigation.

  1. Should I get a Thermogram or Mammogram?

Before taking a breast cancer screening test ask your doctor some questions about your high risk of getting breast cancer, the risks and benefits of getting these tests, what happens if you get false-positives and ask whether you just need Thermography or other additional breast cancer screening tests.

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