Humanizing AI to bridge the gap between patient and health

AI-Powered solutions to serve human race

To save lives, we need to use technology as an advantage against diseases, Humanizing AI to bridge the gap between patient and health will help us to achieve this milestone.


A Top-Notch Team Driven To Reinvent How Patients Can Monitor Their Breast Health

We are a talented team passionate about solving massive problems, working together towards a shared goal – reducing the global breast cancer burden through its early monitoring.

Founder's story that inspired us to join the mission

Every one of us, somehow, did face losing a beloved one due to illnesses. Mine was about an ugly beast called “cancer”. My 68 years old grandmother went through it. It was very painful for her and a desperately worrying time for us. In the end, cancer got her down to her knees and after 3 years of fighting and sickness she passed away.

Thus, after that incident, I started searching for a workable and quick solution for the monitoring of cancer at its early stages and bringing it to the world. In this case, I would save a life and no one else would ever go through what we went through. Every time someone wants to join us I repeat what we have as a core value and if they relate to this cause, they will join us to fight this tough battle.