A Global Leader in AI-Powered Breast Cancer Thermography Digital Diagnostics

AI-Powered Software focusing on Thermography

AI Talos is an AI-Powered software aiding thermographers with the interpretation of screening breast cancer thermal images. AI Talos is a leading software company focusing on development and commercialization of Artificial Intelligence solutions for medical imaging focusing on thermography.


A Top-Notch Team Driven To Reinvent How Patients Are Diagnosed By Thermography

We are a talented team passionate about solving massive problems, working together towards a shared goal – reducing the global breast cancer burden through its early detection.

Founder's story that inspired us to join the team

Every one of us , somehow, did face losing a beloved one due to illnesses. Mine was about an ugly beast called “cancer”. My 70 years old grandmother went through it. It was very painful for her and a desperately worrying time for us.  At the end, cancer got her down to her  knees and after 3 years of fighting and sickness she passed away.

Thus, after that incident I started searching for a workable and quick solution for the diagnosis of cancer at its early stages and bring it to the world. In this case I would save a life and no one else would ever go through what we went through. Every time someone wants to join us I repeat what we have as a core value and if they relate to this cause, they will join us to fight this tough battle.