AI Talos is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution that assists thermographers in predicting breast cancer


AI Talos provides AI-guided decision-making support for breast cancer screening (Thermography), enabling you to decisively confirm what you suspect, detect what you potentially missed and concentrate on questionable studies that need more attention.

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Bridging Vision & Precision

AI Talos is an AI-based software that works with your thermal camera to provide an expert, confirming look at thermal images. Its non-intrusive design does not interrupt the current workflow, instead provides results on a cloud-based web panel. The web base panel presents all the extra tools you need and a synchronization with your worklist, at once, with no additional software needed.

Become a super thermographer

AI Talos is an AI-based software that works as second sets of eyes for you to give you super power on finding abnormality & high risk case.