Humanizing AI to bridge the gap between patient and health

Confidence in your result

Reading thermography images combines your skill and experience as a thermographer, breast tissue temperature, and patient history. Each image demands deep, informed concentration. AI-Model works alongside your viewer to give you additional confidence.

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Follow up

The level of suspicion given by AI Talos is easily interpretable. Results are by construction consistent at the finding, breast and thermal image. It is always possible to track down a high suspicion of malignancy for a thermography to the corresponding breast(s), and to a specific finding within the breast(s).


Major Benefits


Accurate, actionable interface boosts your confidence, helping you achieve the highest standard of care

Super vision

It’s a second set of super vision that adds a safety net to your process.

Smooth Workflow

Web panel easily fits into your existing infrastructure, with at-a-glance access to results.

More features*

  • Artificial intelligence to provide at-a-glance level-of-suspicion scoring of studies; confirming findings that are certain, and questionable cases that require further scrutiny.
  • Automated marking of potential abnormalities in breast thermal images. 
  • Simple to use EMR to record patient data & every visits all in one place

*Not available in North America. * DISCLAIMER | Talos service is not intended to replace traditional methods of evaluating breast health level, is not a diagnosis, and is not a substitute for visits to a healthcare professional. Talos service is not intended for use on children.