AI Talos provides AI-guided decision-making support for breast cancer thermography screening

Cutting-Edge Technologies:Machine LearningDeep LearningFeature LearningComputer VisionImage Processing

The true value of our technology isn’t measured by how powerful it is, but by how much it empowers you.

Powered by artificial intelligence. We use machine learning and deep learning algorithms on petabyte-scale datasets to discover new insights in thermal images and transform the thermographer workflow.


AI Talos is easy to deploy, allowing a fully-cloud installation

With patients and customers distributed all around the world, we focus on building secure, scalable, and resilient systems, solving for the unique challenges associated with large volumes of pathology data, while maintaining the highest levels of security and privacy for all data.

Computer Vision & Image Processing

When you upload your thermal images through AI Talos smooth workflow, Our AI processes the images to create segmentation of thermal images and understand it similar to human vision, It cuts the picture to pieces and makes beautiful puzzle for Main classifiers to solve, Based on what it does, thermal image goes through 7 different stages to find malignancy and rates the final risk score with precise number.